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About Us

Rocky Mountain Energy Management (RMEM) is an energy consulting company that offers a full range of energy management solutions for large commercial, industrial, and government clients throughout North America. RMEM’s professional services include utility audits, fuel audits, strategic commodity sourcing, onsite energy audits, compressed air audits, metering and verification, power factor correction, rebate assistance, and feasibility studies.

RMEM will act on your behalf and as your partner to assist your organization with strategic energy management decisions. RMEM Specialists offer years of energy market knowledge and experience to advise their clients of energy and costs savings opportunities. RMEM’s services and opinions are not biased from direct equipment or commodity sales. As a result, RMEM’s energy experts can offer an independent perspective, always keeping the client’s best interest in mind.

RMEM’s team of energy professionals can assist your management team in lowering your organization’s energy costs and increasing energy efficiency within your facilities. Put your energy cost in check and contact an RMEM representative today!

For more information call 1-800-306-6085 or email us at