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RMEM Fuel Audits and consulting services have saved and recovered millions of dollars through securing lower fuel commodity and transport pricing, improving contract terms, recovering refunds, and implementing improved fuel management solutions.

RMEM’s fuel audit program and cost reduction strategies are designed to carefully examine our Client’s fuel requirements, invoices, contracts, and internal policies and procedures.  RMEM specializes in identifying and recovering overpayments on federal, state, or local fuels taxes used in off-road, marine, rail, and special qualifying equipment, as well as identifying available pricing, freight, and inventory management savings opportunities.

RMEM Specialist routinely uncover issues surrounding above market pricing, inflated freight charges, contract price deviation, purchasing without a supply contract, incorrect taxes and surcharges, and internal inventory controls.

When most company purchases are made, the price is known prior to the goods being received; however with commercial fueling the product is typically already delivered before the price is known and verified by the customer.

Whether your company is currently mobile re-fueling on-site, utilizing bulk storage and onsite dispensing, fleet card programs, or offering third part sales; RMRM’s Fuel Audit program is designed to identify opportunities to improve your fueling processes and deliver bottom line savings

  • Have you ever had a fuel audit performed on your company’s fuel spend?
  • Are you purchasing bulk fuel without a supply contract?
  • Are you certain your fuel prices and freight charges are competitive within your local market?
  • Is your supplier maintaining your tanks on a keep full basis?
  • Could alternative delivery, dispensing, and storage practices lower your fuel and freight costs?
  • Are you purchasing on an index based contract?
  • Do you subscribe to OPIS (Oil Price Information Service) or other publications and regularly reconcile your invoices to your pricing terms?
  • Are surcharges, hourly fees, taxes, rack prices, additive costs, and fuel specifications understood and reviewed internally by your staff.

Your Contribution — RMEM understands the value of your management and staff’s time.  Our fuel audits are conducted in as unobtrusive manor as possible, requiring very little time and resources from our Clients.  In most cases the majority of RMEM’s audit work can be conducted offsite so as not to disturb our client’s daily operations.

Professionalism — RMEM’s audit specialists always work professionally, ethically, and confidentially.  All information about your company is always held in strict confidence secured with a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Ongoing Commitment — Following RMEM’s initial review, our specialist will work with your management team, utility representatives, and government agencies on your behalf to complete the necessary steps to ensure identified future savings are realized, credits are received, and refunds are properly recovered.  A representative will also provide ongoing support for the implementation of corrective actions throughout the term of the agreement.

RMEM offers several competitive fee structures, although most of RMEM’s fuel audits are completed on a no risk contingency basis where RMEM’s fee is simply a percentage of the savings or refunds the client receives.  The net result is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!  If RMEM does not produce a direct credit, refund, or savings opportunity, then you are left assured that your company’s fuel charges are in order and there is no charge for our services.  Our contingency fees are below average and are completely transparent with no long term commitments.  RMEM also offers special hourly and fixed costs consulting contracts as well.