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What Sets RMEM’s Utility Audits Apart from the Rest?

RMEM’s audit services represent more than just a hard selling utility auditor looking for a quick profit. Our experienced financial auditors are also Certified Energy Managers with years of industrial energy and tax experience.  RMEM’s goal is to build a standing relationship with our clients by identifying savings opportunities and adding long term value to their internal business practices.

RMEM Specialists have identified savings opportunities for more than 80% of their clients! Many of these savings opportunities have existed for years without the Customer’s knowledge.  RMEM’s auditors continually uncover opportunities recently missed by other national utility and tax firms, simply because the auditor was not familiar with the client’s operational processes and associated industry specific regulations.
Most utility audit firms are only experienced in multi-family and commercial audits.  RMEM Specialists have the necessary expertise and experience to identify and validate opportunities within industrial manufacturing, processing, rail, and, mining operations. 

RMEM’s utility audit scope extends beyond the utility bills by providing our industrial clients with an onsite walk through and a detailed report that informs clients of additional savings opportunities; such as, available utility efficiency rebates and incentives, potential efficiency measures, renewable energy programs, improved payables controls and processes.  RMEM’s auditors will also discretely inform clients of identified liabilities and risks uncovered during the audit process.

RMEM utility audits will analyze and benchmark monthly billing histories for opportunities surrounding:

  • Actual and estimated meter readings
  • Adjustments and surcharges
  • Late fees and penalties
  • Accuracy of taxes charged
  • Rate optimization
  • Alternative supply opportunities (deregulated markets)
  • Supply contract pricing and terms
  • Utility contracts
  • Power factor penalties
  • Duplicate billings
  • Meter read dates
  • Misapplied payments
  • Billing of erroneous accounts

Your Contribution — RMEM understands the value of your Management’s time.  RMEM’s utility audits are conducted in an unobtrusive manor; requiring very little time and resources from our clients.  In most cases the majority of RMEM’s audit work will be conducted offsite so as not to disturb our client’s daily operations.

Professionalism — RMEM’s audit specialists always work professionally, ethically, and confidentially.  All information about your company is always held in strict confidence secured with a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Ongoing Commitment — Following RMEM’s initial review, our specialist will work with your management team, utility representatives, and government agencies on your behalf to complete the necessary steps to ensure identified future savings are realized, credits are received, and refunds are properly recovered.  A representative will also provide ongoing support for the implementation of corrective actions throughout the term of the agreement.

RMEM offers several competitive fee structures, although most of RMEM’s utility audits are completed on a no risk contingency basis where RMEM’s fee is simply a percentage of the savings or refunds the client receives.  The net result is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!  If RMEM does not produce a direct credit, refund, or savings opportunity, then you are left knowing your company’s utility charges are in order and there is no charge for our services.  Our contingency fees are below average and are completely transparent with no long term commitments.  RMEM also offers special hourly and fixed costs consulting contracts as well.
*Also see RMEM’s page on Fuel Audits.


Many of RMEM’s Predominant Use Studies are completed in conjunction with an ongoing Utility Audit; however RMEM also performs these services on a standalone basis for clients who prefer to manage their own filings and do not have the internal resources or expertise to complete the necessary onsite predominate use studies. 

RMEM’s Predominate Use Studies are a step above the rest; RMEM Specialists are both experienced auditors and Certified Energy Managers. Our auditors specialize in working with energy tax solutions for industrial and government clients throughout the US.  RMEM also offers the ability to sub-meter individual processes and equipment for better accuracy to avoid risk of inaccurate or inflated usage and demand calculations. Our years of experience allow us to provide the required detailed data and documents to ensure your facility is exempted as accurately and quickly as possible.  RMEM specialists strive to maximize a facility’s exemption; however take a conservative approach to avoid the risk of future tax liabilities.

RMEM Utility Audit Specialists are Available Nationwide — Experience the Difference and Place a Call Today for a Free Cost Estimate.